A fitness enthusiast and former chiropractor with a passion for making the world a healthier place, Dr. Aaron Hinde saw a genuine need for cleaner, more functional products in the beverage landscape, over a decade ago. After assisting more than 5,000 individuals on the road to recovery in his chiropractic practice, Hinde envisioned a way to help the masses get off sugary drinks and improve their overall health, one sip at a time. In 2011, he co-founded LIFEAID Beverage Company, dedicated to providing individuals with active lifestyles with a functional beverage made with ‘only the good stuff, none of the junk.’ LIFEAID products are specially formulated, packed with high-quality vitamins and supplements in both low- calorie and zero-sugar options which never contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Each blend has its own custom ingredients, providing a range of benefits—from optimizing post-workout recovery to aiding in mental clarity and boosting your natural energy. With the upcoming launch of their 11th product, LIFEAID has gone from a small startup to a $1M brand. Their post-workout recovery blend FITAID is the #1-selling recovery drink in the U.S. LIFEAID has also recently expanded into Canada where Hinde is taking his functional beverage brand of “vitamins you’ll enjoy drinking” global. Hinde’s background in nutrition and his unique eye for entrepreneurship, paired with his wit and charisma, have made him an enticing choice for a variety of media appearances. Hinde has been a guest speaker twice at BevNet LIVE, been featured on a variety of YouTube channels, and also been a guest on over 15 podcasts with topics including fitness, health & wellness, and business.