After graduating from the 255th class of Central High School of Philadelphia, Ayesha attended Temple University, getting degrees in Marketing and Economics. As a self-described ‘stingy bastard’ she attended Temple so she could commute from home and attend for free as her mother worked in their Hospital. She didn’t want to burden herself or her mother with the skyrocketing costs of college, room, and board.

In 2000, she started her journey into the world of finance, eventually becoming licensed as a Financial Planner and a Stock Broker. This work and training exposed her to analyzing investments and helping high-net-worth clients achieve their financial goals.

In 2002, she bought her first home … by mistake. She purchased a property intending to rent it out, but near the end of the transaction found out her FHA loan required her to move into the property. Both she and he mother cried because they didn’t want to be separated.

Her Real Estate investment strategy has always been conservative. While many people, advisers, and gurus grow using the leverage of loans, she stayed financially disciplined and paid off the property she bought in 2002 only six years later in 2008. This means that the revenue from her rental no longer went to its own mortgage, and she could start investing in other houses.

During and after the financial calamity of 2008-2011, Ayesha started buying and rehabbing dilapidated properties in South Philadelphia, Allegheny West and other areas of the city. She kept and eye out for blocks that single mothers would want to live on, as that was her main clients.

After rehabbing over 30 houses and working with some shoddy General Contractors, Ayesha got her General Contractors license in 2019.